IoT’s advanced technology is used across a variety of fields including healthcare, life sciences, and regular businesses. IoT stands for the internet of things and this new technology has grown so vastly it’s eclipsing current technologies in place. Temperature monitoring systems have benefited from IoT technology and now there are specialized IoT systems that can reduce energy consumption and be controlled completely remotely. Temperature monitoring solutions are absolutely essential in industries where a slight temperature increase can make or break the business.

What is IoT Temperature Monitoring?

Internet Of Things temperature monitoring systems differ from regular temperature monitoring solutions. This may lead you to wonder “how does temperature monitoring use IoT?”. IoT temperature monitoring utilizes real-time systems which record data instantaneously in a cloud database. This means that any changes in temperature warmer or colder will immediately send notifications and allow you to adjust the temperature. The ability to monitor and change the temperature remotely is extremely impactful for your business especially if you’re in an industry where your product relies on a certain temperature to survive.

Benefits of IoT temperature monitoring:

Instant alerts and real-time monitoring

Temperature monitoring solutions send instant notifications when temperature changes and allow your business to monitor specific requirements from a remote web platform. This eliminates the need for manual readings performed by employees and increases productivity.

Remote access & control

IoT temperature monitoring systems let your business access temperature information from anywhere in the world through the internet or a phone app. This can be particularly useful if you are monitoring the temperature of goods or food in transit.

Reduce energy consumption

Temperature monitoring solutions allow you to adjust the temperature remotely. This makes it easy to adjust the temperature higher or lower to help save money and reduce energy consumption. Changing the temperature by just a few degrees when possible will help slash energy consumption and save your business money.

Industries that Will Benefit From IoT Based Temperature Monitoring

The ability to monitor temperature remotely is beneficial for many industries and increases productivity as the temperature does not need to be monitored manually. Below are just a few of the industries that can benefit from temperature monitoring solutions.

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring in Labs
  • Food Safety Compliances in Restaurants and Retail
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Transportation

FMS Integration is here to help you set up your remote temperature monitoring solution!

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