Monitoring System

If too Hot or too Cold affects your business rooms, product, or equipment.

Niagara4 Temperature Trend Graph

Temperature Monitor can be very beneficial to protecting your assets.

Wired and Wireless Temperature Sensor solutions to help protect your business’s investment.

We provide standalone systems that can be integrated back into other monitoring platforms.

For monitoring temperature on-premises, our systems can trigger visual and audible notifications.

These monitoring systems record data so that users can look at trend data from those temperature sensors.

Remote Monitoring Systems can send email or text notifications to business owners.

Users can define their High Limit and Low Limit alarm thresholds so that every sensor can be fine-tuned to their environment.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Wired Temperature Sensors

Wired sensors and data acquisition controller options to fit your needs depending on your application.

Analog 4-20mA transducer/transmitters are the best-wired sensors for a hardened level of data.

Thermistor Sensor-based sensors are one of the more cost-effective sensors on the market.

RTD sensor-based sensors for extremely high and extremely low temperatures.

Wireless Monitoring Systems

Wireless Sensor Technology has advanced significantly over the years. FMS Integration LLC offers Wireless Monitoring system options to fit your needs.

Depending on your application, we have Wireless Temperature Sensors, Wireless Humidity Sensors, Wireless Differential Pressure, Digital Inputs (Dry Contacts), Analog Sensors, and CO2 Monitoring.

Temperature Monitoring Applications

Server Room and Data Centers

Refrigerators and Freezers


Cold Storage