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CyrusOne Sterling VIII

45905 Maries Rd
Sterling, VA 20166

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COPT: 45761 Maries Rd

45761 Maries Rd
Sterling, VA 20166

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Cyxtera Sterling DC4

21110 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, VA

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Cyxtera Sterling DC2

45901 Nokes Blvd
Sterling, VA

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CyrusOne Northern Virginia Sterling I, II, III

21111 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, VA 20166

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COPT: 45751 Maries Rd

45751 Maries Rd
Sterling, VA 20166

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Exit the airport take the Dulles Access Road East. Take VA-267 East towards Sterling, then take the exit for VA-846/Sterling Boulevard. Then turn left onto Sterling Boulevard and navigate to your exact destination.


Why do so many data centers in Sterling, Virginia turn to FMS for their monitoring?

The numerous data centers in Sterling, Virginia make for the ideal match for FMS. Businesses choose Sterling for their data centers due to the dependable connection and a prime location. Not all monitoring systems are made equally. You need a reliable data monitoring partner; simply being in Sterling is not enough. 

Are you worried about the accuracy of the monitoring in your data center?

The basis of a company’s data and cybersecurity strategy is its data center. Your business will never be able to accomplish worry-free, simple data monitoring without a dependable network and powerful connectivity. Avoid wasting time and money on malfunctioning systems, poor visibility, or false warnings. The last thing you need when the data of your business and consumers is at risk is to be uncertain about how to react or to lack access to the linked tools you need to track and monitor data. With integrated and efficient data centers, FMS offers industry-leading solutions for tracking your data with ease. The key to propelling your business forward is partnering with FMS for dependable, real-time data monitoring.

Laptop showing Tridium Niagara 4 trend data from three temperature sensors

Real-Time Monitoring in Sterling

Rely on Sterling’s robust fiberoptic network and dependable power infrastructure to keep your data safe and trackable in real-time. You may always be aware of the status of your crucial data thanks to FMS’s 24-hour real-time data tracking service.

What draws so many data centers to Sterling, Virginia?

Data centers should be located in Sterling because of its great location, accessibility, and incentives. Anyone visiting to monitor the data center in person may do so easily because of Sterling’s strategic location along the East Coast and easy access to roads and airports. The connectivity is another factor. For dependable communication and a steady power supply for round-the-clock monitoring, Sterling is home to a vast network of fiber optic cables. Due to Sterlings strong network, which offers quick and dependable connections, data overload or sensor failure are uncommon. Companies in Sterling know they can rely on the network’s accessibility and dependability, so they can stop worrying about whether connections and power will hold through storms and outages.

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