There are many ways to keep your business safe and efficient, especially in this era of technology. Remote monitoring systems are one vital tool that could help keep your business running smoothly. We have had decades of experience at FMS Integration with service and solutions. They can help you save time and money and alert you when an issue occurs. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at some of our customer testimonials. At FMS Integration, we provide various remote monitoring systems and solutions. In this blog, we will discuss systems like these and how they can help improve the efficiency and quality of your business.

First, we should explain exactly what a remote monitoring system is and how it works. It is hardware or software that allows viewing by business devices such as phones, tablets, or certain types of computers. And no, this isn’t employee activity tracking and monitoring. Remote monitoring systems collect key data points and alarms from devices—building operations such as air quality, equipment alarms, temperature, power levels, and water leaks. 

This hardware or software can alert you within seconds to catch any complications before they become severe problems with real-time monitoring. Remote monitoring systems can even gather data to create reports from different devices. These systems help wise leaders and organizations avoid catastrophes, ruining any company.

Notably, the proper people are notified when alarms occur. Remote monitoring systems can trigger local alarms, such as strobe lights, audible alarms, annunciator panels, or building control systems. At the same time, monitoring systems can send email alerts to authorized personnel. This is key when there is little to no staff at a facility.

FMS Integration provides the following remote monitoring services:

FMS Integration Leak Detection Icon

Leak Detection

  • Leak Detection: Even the most minor leaks can disrupt business efficiency and cause safety and health issues.
  • Leak repair can be costly and time-consuming; it is best to detect these issues early with our Leak Detection System and mitigate damage from leaks.
FMS Integration Power Monitoring Icon

Power Monitoring

  • Power and Energy Monitoring: Power outages can be disastrous to hardware and data. So, using our Power Monitoring solutions can be very helpful.
  • With these tools, you can gauge the proper power consumption and alert you when out of balance.
  • Too much or too little can harm critical building devices.
FMS Integration Temperature Monitoring Icon

Temperature Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring: Temperature is one of the most critical factors to look after when dealing with the protection of your essential equipment.
  • High levels can risk damage or even failure to your equipment.
  • The FMS Temperature Monitoring Solutions will track threshold values and alert you before anything dangerous can happen.
FMS Integration Air-Quality Monitoring Icon

Air-Quality Monitoring

  • Air Quality Monitoring: Another critical part to take a look at is the air quality of your facility.
  • If not in balance and up to standard, health conditions can arise.
  • Our sensor solutions will detect any change in Air Quality.
  • They can help you further improve conditions and efficiency within your environment.

It is always best to be safe rather than sorry, and at FMS Integration, we can better your productivity all around your business.

Through remote monitoring systems, you can ensure safety for all staff.

Alert selected staff members for equipment alarms – leading to a healthy climate and keeping people in the know.

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