Decrease in downtime produces an increase in profit.

Power consumption is the largest operational cost, and highest risk for an outage, in any facility.

Too much or too little power consumption will cost you. Equipment failures, outages, and failover issues are just the beginning of unplanned expenditures, which can be avoided through proper critical power monitoring services. 

We pride ourselves in doing a thorough, personal analysis of your operation. At FMS, we provide the solutions to improve your power consumption efficiency – and reduce the stresses on your equipment – so you can be confident you are operating in the most cost-effective way to keep billable hours at their peak.


FMS Integration was our installation and support engineers for a DCIM solution for a medium-sized data center servicing a large electrical grid operator. Their extensive knowledge and ability to see the root cause and propose solutions to our technical issues made for a faster than usual implementation and a highly reliable DCIM system. I highly recommend FMS for data center facilities monitoring and technical projects small or large.

Mark R.

We know you need information quickly and accurately.

Facilities need to monitor the accurate status of equipment in real-time. With our Power Monitoring analysis and solutions, you will save time and money. Our custom analysis will identify protocols, discuss monitoring needs, suggest the correct solution, convert data into one desired format, and reduce the time it takes for facility managers to track and maintain proper power consumption. Whether it’s a protocol converter or retrofitting a metered device – we have the knowledge to simplify the data coming from your various devices, so your facility operates efficiently. In addition, with the proper solution implemented, your team will spend less time reading data and more time taking action to keep costs down and profits up.

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Nobody wants the dreaded 2 a.m. outage call, or worse, a profit loss due to a missed notice. With our cutting-edge, 360-degree solutions, you can be confident that your facility will run as efficiently (and profitably) as possible.