Whether it’s a new build or retrofit, incorporating a leak detection system can prevent expensive, unplanned outages.

Cable Pipe Leak Detection

Cable pipe leak detection is a sophisticated technological used to oversee utility networks like water, gas, and electricity systems. It works by using advanced sensors and monitoring methods to spot any problems or leaks in important infrastructure systems. By constantly checking things like pressure, temperature, and how much content is moving through the pipes, it serves as a proactive safeguard.

Unplanned outages are costly, both in equipment and data loss. On average, organizations spend nearly $500K per occurrence to correct damage created by a weather, water or cooling failure.

Our custom recommendations will provide you the correct set-up and equipment to match your specialized environment – to ensure potential failures are mitigated quickly and cost-effectively.

Leaks will happen, that’s why it’s critical to have a leak detection survey completed annually. Our role is to help your team know what to look for, and apply appropriate mitigation steps before an outage occurs.

It’s a Fact

1 in 4

unplanned outages are the result of an undetected leak.

You shouldn’t have to request emergency funds for equipment repair due to water damage.

Small leaks over a period of time cause corrosion, moisture damage, mold, and health issues. This creates equipment failure and often requires emergency (and costly) repairs. Worse yet, a rupture or back-up will impact your cooling, power distribution, and communications – resulting in profit and data loss on top of unexpected repairs. It’s common to overlook the potential impact of a faulty drain or leaking condensation line. The experience of FMS will walk your team through what to watch for and how to monitor for leaks, and our annual Leak Detection Survey will empower you to stay ahead of the game. Our custom solutions allow for early detection and repairs to prevent an unplanned outage or expense. 

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