Indoor Air
Quality Sensors

Having Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in place helps identify issues, keeping people healthy, safe and active.

FMS Integration LLC works with different manufacturers to give you options on what device works best for you. We have environmental air monitoring sensors for detecting a single function or multiple Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) functions. Smart sensors (IoT) are designed to provide you with multiple levels of data, including safety and vaping Data.

Environmental Sensor Readings

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide



Nitrogen Detection

Air Quality Index

Toxic Gas

Combustible Gas


These sensors go far beyond just monitoring offices in a commercial building.

Using smart sensors in nursing homes with the added spoken help keywords, give staff an extra set of ears to alert when a resident needs help.

Vape and THC detection to notify staff when someone is doing something not allowed in that area.

Aggression detection for when a confrontation starts between people, in a gym or retail environment.

Monitoring for Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, and VOCs for offices connected to a manufacturing area with chemicals and industrial process equipment is used.

Keeping the air fresh for our most important environment, our schools. Make sure we provide the best, safest and healthiest conditions for children in k-12. Decreasing Carbon Dioxide keeps the youth more healthy and alert.

Identifying poor indoor air levels help reduce allergies and asthma conditions.

Air Quality Monitor Applications



Nursing Homes





Battery Rooms

Monitoring Outdoor Air data helps HVAC systems determine when they should and should not be mixing outdoor air with inside air.

HALO Product Image

Wired Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Monitoring Device options depend on your company’s needs. These are single element sensing options to a full range of data points.

FMS Integration Air-Quality Monitoring Icon

HALO Smart IoT Sensor

Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Sensor

RLE WiNG-CO2 Wireless CO2 Sensor

Wireless Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Wireless Air Quality Monitoring device options if running communications to certain locations are not feasible.

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WiNG Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Wireless Indoor CO2 Sensor