What kind of water leak detection system is best for your application

So, you need to deploy a water leak detection system. Whether it is proactive, or a result of a previous leak, do you go with a zone system or a distance read style controller. We cover options when choosing a water leak detection system.

If you cannot see it, then you burn time looking for it

  • If the cable is easily visible and is used in a small area, Zone Detection (GO/NO GO status) is a safe bet
  • If the cable is under a floor, above a ceiling, or any area it is hard to see, Distance Read systems are a smart way to go

Do you have something to reference the water leak detection system

FMS Integration Leak Detection Reference Map showing cabinet routing and distance markers for raised floor application

Leak Detection Reference Map

  • Framed reference map showing distance markers above a drawing of the area
  • Add callout labels to the surface where the cable runs
  • Controllers with a web interface may have a built-in map feature to display where the leak is (visual marker)
  • Add β€œVirtual Zone Names” to different distances; this can call out a specific section/quadrant of the room

Is it to be Standalone, Integrated, or a Combo

  • If Standalone, the more features, the better, so use that ethernet port to take advantage of email, and the Interactive Map
  • If Integrated back into your Building system, Modbus and BACnet can give your vendor a good level of detailed information
  • Use the relay output to an annunciator as a fail-safe alarm method, just in case the network goes down
  • Put the panel on a UPS backed circuit

Contamination Alarms – No Go with Zone Controls

Leak Detection Contamination Alarm from LD2100 Distance Read Controller

  • Cables can get dirty, and other contaminants build up over time, which can lead to false-positive alarms
  • Zone Controllers typically will not indicate Contamination
  • Distance Read controller has a lower threshold than the leak alarm to make this distinction
  • This also helps identify how often you should plan scheduled cleaning/maintenance of your system

The Power of the Ethernet connection

Ethernet Communications Symbol Icon

  • Whether it is standalone or Integrated, the web interface on a water leak detection system is powerful
  • Ability to access the unit remotely for viewing alarms and alarm histories
  • Allows the panel to send out email notifications (SMTP)
  • If it has the Interactive Map feature, it helps reduce the guesswork on identifying the leak area
  • Protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, SNMP (V1, V2C, V3), and Syslog are available

In the light of this breakdown, we hope this was helpful in identifying what type of system will work for you. With these questions in mind, now you know how to choose a water leak detection system that is right for you. We understand not all applications are the same, and you can get pretty creative with leak detection. Therefore, if you still have questions, contact us because we have answers, and we would be glad to talk to you. Emails and phone calls are free 😊