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21583 Megawatt Dr
Ashburn, VA 20147


21641 Charles View

21641 Charles View Dr
Dulles, VA 20166


H5 Ashburn

21800 Beaumeade Cir
Ashburn, VA 20147


44372 Round Table: Digital Realty

44372 Round Table Plaza,
Ashburn, VA 20147


CloudHQ LC2

44621 Waxpool Rd
Ashburn, VA 20147



Exit the airport and take VA-267 W and VA-901/Claiborne Pkwy to Hay Rd in Ashburn.
Turn right onto Hay Rd and then turn left onto Ashburn Rd
Turn left onto Lighthouse Terrace.
Turn right onto Sweetbay Terrace and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Ashburn.

Why do so many data centers in Ashburn, Virginia turn to FMS for their monitoring?

FMS is the perfect partner for the many data centers in Ashburn, Virginia. Companies bring their data centers to Ashburn for reliable connectivity and a great location. FMS takes data monitoring to the next level with integrated, visible systems that simplify monitoring data.

Not every monitoring system is created equal. Just being in Ashburn isn’t enough—you need a trusted data monitoring partner you can trust. Solid visibility and an intuitive interface allow you to easily monitor and track your data without worrying about false alarms, faulty systems, or complicated networks.

Are you concerned about the reliability of your data center’s monitoring?

The data center is the foundation of a company’s data and cybersecurity strategy. Without a reliable network and strong connectivity, your company can never achieve worry-free, straightforward data monitoring.

Don’t waste time and resources on false alarms, limited visibility, or faulty systems. When your company’s and customers’ data is at risk, the last thing you want is to feel unsure about your response or not have access to the connected tools you need to track and monitor data. FMS provides leading solutions to easily track your data with integrated and streamlined data centers. Creating a data center in Ashburn is the first step. Partnering with FMS for reliable, real-time data monitoring is what can take your company to the next level. 

Laptop showing Tridium Niagara 4 trend data from three temperature sensors

Real-Time Monitoring in Ashburn, Virginia

Rest easy knowing your data is protected and tracked in real-time using the strong fiberoptic network and dependable power grid in Ashburn, Virginia. FMS delivers 24/7 real-time data tracking so you can always know the status of your critical data.

Why Ashburn, Virginia has attracted so many Data Centers

Ashburn, Virginia, is the perfect combination of location, access, and incentives, making it the ideal location for data centers. Centrally located along the East Coast, Ashburn offers convenient access to airports and highways for anyone traveling to monitor the data center in person. 

And then there’s the connectivity. Ashburn is home to an extensive network of fiber optic cables for reliable connectivity and has a dependable power grid for 24/7 monitoring. Data overload or sensor failure are uncommon in Ashburn because of its robust network that provides fast and reliable connections. Instead of wondering if connections and power will last through storms and outages, companies know they can trust the accessible and reliable network in Ashburn, Virginia.

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