Fresh air intake directly impacts the health, productivity and function of your staff and equipment.

Factors such as fresh air intake, filtration, and circulation directly impact the health of people and equipment.

Equipment exposed to pollutants are at risk of catastrophic failure. Whether from particle build up or clogging – a likely outage due to a leak, temperature or power failure is doubled when the air quality is not monitored and maintained.

Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors and, with poor ventilation or air quality, health issues and loss of work time are increased – costing you time and money. 

With air quality monitoring services, you can be assured that your staff are working in a safe environment, and your equipment is functioning at an optimal level.

It’s a Fact

Airborne pollutants are up to

5x Higher

indoors than outdoors

Without clean air, your staff and equipment are at risk.

Outside of emergency repairs, health-related time loss is one of the highest organizational costs in facility management. Using an FMS Air Quality Monitoring system, you can balance the quality of your indoor air to mitigate health and equipment issues. Sensing one or two elements of the air being consumed in the facility is not enough. That’s why FMS will evaluate your facility and recommend specific sensors with the ability to sense multiple compounds and detect outdoor air quality. With our customized plan, when an air quality change is detected you will know – anytime, anywhere. When your air quality is stable, productivity increases – and with increased productivity increased profits follow.

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